Women's Healthcare & Post Abortion Care

Exams include a full check-up, which helps to detect and treat any new or ongoing health problems and to help prevent future problems.

Pregnancy Tests

If you think you may be pregnant, we can help you know for sure with a free pregnancy test and/or free ultrasound.


Free Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy viability, position, and gestation.

Abortion Pill Reversal

The abortion pill is a 2-part process.  If you begin the chemical abortion process and have only taken the first pill(s), you can still change your mind.  During business hours call (210) 543-7200 or make an appointment on this web-page, if after hours call (877) 558-0333 to begin to reverse the abortion pill effects as soon as possible.

Options Counseling & Mentoring

Not sure what you want to do regarding your pregnancy? We will support you along this journey no matter what you choose.

Professional Counseling

We offer free professional counseling with trained and licensed counselors as well as post abortion counseling. Everything you share is confidential.

STI/STD Testing & Treatment

Your sexual health matters. We can help you better understand your health with tests to check for sexually transmitted infections and provide treatment options.

Prenatal Care

If you do not have an OB/GYN we can assist you with caring for your pregnancy, coverage will be dependent on financial ability to pay.